Day 3
Boarded the train from Lisbon and pretty quickly fell asleep. Learned a bit about navigating the train system as well. Never hurts to ask where you’re going and double check your connections. Haha. Met a lovely fellow traveler on the choo choo and got ourselves to Portimao (with some help).
We promptly got an Uber ride from Mykola and headed to the hotel. After settling in, we wanted to do some exploring and got another Uber which turned out to be … Mykola! He took us to the Carvoiero Boardwalk and showed us the best spot to start our walk right at the caves. We had the ENTIRE place to ourselves and didn’t mind the bit of drizzle. Got some amazing photos, had some 360 fun and headed back to Tivoli Marina.

Day 4
Knew we had to catch a bus for Faro today so didn’t really plan much. Ended up waking up in the morning and taking a walk along the Marina. Found a pretty scenic walkway to a lighthouse covered in fog. As we started walking back, the fog cleared up so we decided to walk along a little further along Praia da Rocha. We walked right into some amazing rock formations and decided we should probably explore even more.
Our favorite photo of the day, catching the rocks right as the sun washed away the fog.
Not quite having anything planned, Mykola came to our rescue and took us to Prainha which was even more amazingly gorgeous!! I was kinda bummed about not seeing the Benagil Caves so this off schedule trip to the beach definitely helped!  Not bad for just walking around aimlessly all morning. After taking 500+ photos, we took another trip from Mykola who we’ve now decided is the best Uber driver in Portimao and hopped the train to Estoi
How are people allowed to stay in this place? The Pousada Palácio de Estói is a little off the beaten track but it is beautiful and surprisingly modern. We tried to visit Ruínas romanas de Milreu which we made just in time for closing. We did get a chance to learn the legend behind the gorgeous almond trees though, from our new Uber driver.

Day 5
Got up the next morning to see why I had us make this stop in the first place, the Capela de Ossos, the BONE CHAPEL!!! I was very excited!
After a good chunk of time here, we spent the rest of the day walking around the town of Faro. We started at the Arco da Vila and toured the Faro Cathedral and the Museu Municipal. Also, finally had some sardines!
Again sad to leave but had to catch the bus to Seville.

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