Day 1
Got ourselves to Boston and had a day of exploring before hopping a plane to the Azores!
Landed on Terceira Island and greeted by amazing guides who were super organized and amazingly sweet.
First things first. Gotta grab pastries. Off to O Forno Bakery for Bolo de Amelia (Amelia Cakes). Delicious, has a molasses feel to them. Then grabbed some tapas and sangria at Tasca das Tias. Learned portions in the Azores … kinda big.
Shopped at Mango and at some pharmacies then grabbed dinner at Beira Mar for some pretty fresh seafood. Again HUGE portions!

Day 2
Actually the portions were so big, we ended up having leftovers for breakfast, refreshed and presented by DiOgo. Here’s where our decision making comes into question. We decided to go on a Level 1 hike. Easy peasy right? OH, very wrong. This was the most intense “level one” hike we’ve been on. There were definitely loose rocks, sheer drop offs and steep climbs around but we made it! (even though we weren’t goats) Lots of complaining Americans, haha but all in good fun. Had some bolo levedo as an after hike snack.
We caught a beautiful procession in town to celebrate the Virgin Mary. Afterward, discovered Marcelino’s. I don’t really even like steak but the steaks here are so tender and melt in your mouth. Also, how can you not love this guy?

Day 3
Plan of attack: head back to O Forno bakery but sadly it is closed on Sundays. Most places were closed so we ended up walking around the marina instead. Also saw “the most complete Azorean cultural museum“. Caught some live music/classical guitar and tapas for dinner.

Day 4
Today was our full day tour of the island. We bought a lot of cheese and wine and headed back to say hi to Marcelino! Mmm. Came back fat breathing.

Day 5
Today was able to make it back to O Forno for Ameila Cakes before flying over to Sao Miguel to see Sete Cidades where the water is 1/2 blue and 1/2 green.
12821464_10104721964676739_5374354093712910048_n.jpgHad dinner at Mariserra and thought we had figured out the portions. Ordered half the dishes but agreed to a special side dish, which literally turned out to be a cauldron full of rice. It was delicious and we had more leftovers.

Day 6
Got to go to Furnas Lake today!!! Had Cozida in Furnas an amazing stew brewed underground all day and walked along the Pico Do Ferro.

Time for thermal pools at Poco Da Beija! I just love hot springs. We were the last ones to get back to the bus. Ended the day with a wonderful day at the Cha Gorreana tea factory. Made our way back to Terceira Island with tons of jams, breads, cheese and wine then had trouble packing them back up to go home. The Azores were amazingly friendly, full of beautiful nature, more than generous portions of delicious food and a great escape!

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