Day 11
Arrived in Bangkok and couldn’t stop thinking about Phuket… snorkeling, watermelon and balcony pools.
Took a long tail River Boat tour to the Barges Museum which actually turned out to be pretty cool. Not extensive, actually just rows of barges but you can see the craftsmanship in action.


Made a stop at Wat Arun, a Buddhist Temple of Dawn. When you get to the top, you get amazing views over the water and close ups of all the detailed ornate decorations of the temple itself. BUT, then you realize you have to get back down these steep steps. I was just petrified and clung onto railings to get back on the ground.
Tried to fit in a trip to the Grand Palace and Wat Pho to see the reclining Buddha but everything had already closed. Got lost looking for the Great Swing. Had trouble getting a taxi . So had enough for the day. Things turned around when we got back to the hotel and I had this waiting for me for my birthday!! Cake and orchids, the day wasn’t so bad after all.


Did some shopping at Asiatique night market and grabbed a tuk tuk back to the hotel off the Chao Phraya River.

Day 12
This time, woke up early to make it to the Grand Palace, a complexes of temples and beautiful buildings. The Palace itself is surrounded by the most immaculately kept topiaries ever. Also made it to Wat Pho to see the reclining Buddha which was well worth it. It’s pretty big. So 2 for 2 today!
Visited the street market by the hotel for some last minute Som Tom (papaya salad), shopping and chili fish then forced to head back home. Food will never be the same.

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