Day 6
Today we woke up super early to catch our flight to Oslo but we stopped by to visit Dave’s old Air Force base first.
We caught the flybus and headed over to our airbnb. That bus ride was the least complicated thing of the day. Then began the comedy of errors… We dragged our luggage over icy streets trying to find our airbnb. Of course there was a hold up since the address on the listing was wrong. Why would the address be correct? Some slips and falls later, we began our escape the room-like scavenger hunt to find keys, codes, lockboxes and eventually got into the apartment. The apartment was gorgeous but we were too tired to enjoy it. Had a drink and rest to get back into the flow of things. Afterwards, we decided to head out to get something warm to eat. Hiked up more icy and hilly streets to find out the restaurant was closed so we hiked back down the hill to Tasty Thai to find out they didn’t take credit cards. So another icy trip to the ATM. Hangry as a sentiment was never truer. Finally got some cash and headed back to some of the yummiest Thai food.
We needed another break and then went out to explore the city a bit. We were near a lot of buses and trams and walking was even ok minus the icy roads. We dropped in at the Tea Lounge and got an entire tea pot of aperol spritz. It was a nice flashback to Italy and a nice time to sit and just relax. Next we found what may possibly be the best thing in Oslo, Illegal Burger. It was just what we needed! Delicious, ooey gooey burgers. Next was an entirely out of place Tiki Bar in Oslo but a fun quick stop. We split a bowl of chili infused drink at Aku Aku before heading in.  

Day 7
10 AM walking tour time! I think there was never any chance we actually would make this but we tried anyway. Hopped on the tram to the Central Visitors Center. This was a converted station and filled with shops and restaurants. Our friendly guide helped us plan our day and we picked up some caffeine.
First stop was the Opera House which is open to the public and once you’re on the roof has a great view of the city. We took advantage of the Oslo Pass and started our museum tour of the city. It ends up paying for itself after visiting 3 museums and comes with discounts (that we forgot to ask for literally all throughout the day). We fit in the Viking Ship Museum, Norwegian Maritime Museum, Polar Ship FRAM and the Vigeland Sculpture Garden. We hopped back on the tram to get back to the National Gallery because we couldn’t miss ‘The Scream’.
After that we deserved a break and some Norwegian reindeer at Kaffistova, again forgetting to get our discount. Fail Melanie. After this we walked across more ice to get to Amundsen Bryggeri. Here I couldn’t decide between the Beekeeper Stout made from honey from the brewmaster’s neighbor’s bee farm or the Sort Flamme that was nice and smokey. So I just got both. We made our way over to the London Pub and got hungry again. Where else would we go but back to Illegal Burger???! Mmm. 

Day 8
Today was our last day in Oslo. We said goodbye to the guys and caught the fly bus back to the airport. 


Also picked up some of these before headed out…. marshmallow bears!!! I am hooked.
See ya Oslo

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