pacific coast highway

Day 1
Today was all about just getting myself over to the West Coast. It was exhausting but I gained some hours flying over. 
Met up with Mel & HAD to stop at IN-N-OUT before we headed in to rest up for our trip.

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Day 2


perfect birthday card for our road trip
OFF in our beetle convertible! After some navigating we started our drive up the Pacific Coast Highway. Our first stop was Malibu Farm, or one of the Malibu Farms on the pier. Delicious and both very scenic. 
After some matcha latte and hemp beer we got back in our Beetle to hit up the beautiful coast. We came to stop at the Solvang Brewing Company which was…. alright but was more impressed by Olsen’s Danish Village Bakery! Now that was some good stuff. 
Then we spotted Ostrich Land USA. Hells yes, we are stopping in. (Being professionals doesn’t stop you from asking stupid questions about ostriches.)  
At this point, we had a pretty long drive to get up to Big Sur. Mel got us through some super dark curvy paths to our amazing Airbnb. After the crazy drive, we didn’t want to budge but we didn’t have to. Everything we needed was in this quaint little cottage. We even scrounged up dinner. Also, there were horses! 

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Day 3
Today was definitely the most scenic part of our PCH drive. Every overlook was just gorgeous. We just drove and enjoyed the breeze and the views. We made it to the Bixby Bridge, crashed some wedding photos and drove through some Redwoods. 

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We ended up not being able to find the restaurant we Yelped so instead got drawn to this place of course, Big Sur Taphouse. We had delicious bar food, yummy beer and rested out in the sun. Pretty much the best place ever. 
Next up, Pebble Beach! Initially, we weren’t too impressed but realized we had looped around the wrong entrance. TONS of stops, all of them gorgeous but we did get tired by the end and some of these are just shot from the convertible. Also, lots of wildlife.
After this we had to head to the Mystery Spot which was definitely a curious/weird/out of the ordinary/yet worth it place to visit. Also, they made fun of little kids, so we thought it was hysterical.  16
The goal tonight was to actually get dinner before driving in. We managed a quick stop for Mexican take out.  

Day 4


We prepped ourselves for the long drive back to Los Angeles. Of course we had to say goodbye to the horses first. Then headed to Hearst Castle, a ridiculous estate basically built on the whims of the rich. We also stopped at San Luis Obispo to see an alley made of gum, ew. Then more and more driving back to LA.

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Bye convertible!!!
Although, our PCH drive was over, we also visited the Griffith Observatory and the Murphy Ranch. The ranch is DEFINITELY worth visiting.
It is a CRAZY cool, now abandoned compound and the has some creepy history and now covered in graffiti. Be prepared for aching legs, there are a lot of stairs.   

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