Day 8
First impression of Phuket: just (insert expletive here) STUNNING!
We arrive at the hotel and ok the Westin sounds fancy but between the 3 of us, it wasn’t really that expensive. Maybe we got a deal and didn’t even realize it because this was a whole new level of fancy! Our room came with a balcony that doubled as our own private POOL! Hotels will never be the same. I love the water so this was just like heaven and overlooking Siray Bay was not bad at all.
We couldn’t get enough of the room and ended up just ordering room service for dinner so we could keep on swimming. Did I say our balcony was a pool?!

Day 9
Again, this place is fancy. They had the best breakfast spread I’ve ever seen. There was even fresh honey dripping from honeycombs. Get the breakfast! Since there are beaches everywhere, we decided to head to Kata Beach. Beach treats in Thailand are so refreshing and perfect in the hot weather. Som Tom (papaya salad) & watermelon shakes & watermelon shakes hit the spot. Mmm. Again I was asked to shut up about them. Then back to the hotel for dinner & watermelon shakes! thnfp28koi

Day 10
Sped through the breakfast buffet to head to the Royal Phuket Marina and eventually to Phi Phi. First stop was at Maya Bay on Phi Phi Le which was beautiful but unbearably crowded. Then saw a mama and baby monkey on what else? Monkey Beach. Visited the Viking Cave, Pileh Cove and Loh Samah Bay. At Bamboo Island, I got to go SNORKELING!!! I LOVE SNORKELING! I could snorkel forever. Saw an amazing variety of fish including rainbow fish. They looked unreal and beautiful in the crystal clear water. Wish I had an underwater camera then. Feel free to leave me here at any time. I’d love to retire and just run snorkeling boats out. Also grabbed a watermelon shake.

Day 11


We love Thai Iced Tea but had not had any yet. Finally figured out that we just needed to ask for tea. Duh. So sad to leave Phuket. Womp Womp. Had to head to Bangkok.

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