Day 6
We got so spoiled that we couldn’t believe Seville didn’t have Uber. Turned out its a completely walkable city so it didn’t really even matter. But still, no Uber?!
We started our day with a trip to Real Alcázar, the Royal Palace. You’ll find yourself wandering room after room of intricately tiled arches before you get to the beautiful garden. Don’t miss the picturesque Los Baños de Doña María de Padilla.
Decided to try to fit in and have our breakfast at 11 am. Then walked over to the Plaza de Espana. A plaza has  just become another plaza to me but this place was incredible! It is surrounded by tiled compartments, each filled with beautiful tiles representing the different Spanish Provinces with corresponding maps on the floor. It’s central fountain is continually being circled by horse carriages and row boats. 
Considering we had such limited time in Seville, we thought if we saw the Palace and the Cathedral it would count as a success. So, we were halfway there. Walked by the Torre del Oro and Universidad de Sevilla on the way to the Cathedral. Spent some time being proud that we were ahead of schedule but it was short lived. We definitely underestimated the time we would spend at the absolutely stunning Seville Cathedral. Tip: The Rooftop Tour is nice but it is a scheduled 2 hours and then runs longer! You definitely won’t be able to get these views otherwise but maybe you shouldn’t sign up for the last tour of the day. They actually started turning off the lights while we were inside. We did see this though:
We grabbed tapas after tapas and called it a night.
Last night in Spain and we sadly grab the flight back home with a layover in between. 

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