Day 1
Flew into Singapore and quickly got a sense of the city = super efficient and ridiculously clean. We arrived at the check in desk of the hotel at which point we learn that we will be walking to our actual hotel… there are lots of hotels… with similar names. Time for breakfast! We head to Toast Box @ Bugis Junction and learn something else about Singapore; everything here is delicious! Everything.
After some food, we needed some jetlag bed rest.
After a nice nap, decided to get out and explore. We went down Orchard Street which was lined with malls, malls and MORE MALLS! You can honestly walk through a mall, exit, cross the street and walk right into another mall, street after street.
Off to Newton Food Center, a hawker center full of individual food stands. So you can walk around and just get one delicious treat after another and for cheap! We got ourselves $4 duck, fresh mango juice and anything with noodles and spice. It was spicy food heaven.
We then got to discover Singapore Mass Rapid Transit and again left in complete awe of the efficiency and cleanliness of this country. We stopped by the Fountain of Wealth at Suntec City which was nice but not the most impressive thing in Singapore.   
Now for dinner! We took a walk down to Clark Quay to Jumbo Seafood Restaurant which serves the BEST THING EVER = CHILLI CRAB!!!! Drool, it is scrumdiddlyumptious! It’s spicy and savory and flavorful and amazing. Think fireworks! Tip: Bring extra napkins. 
Off to rest after this amazing meal. We were still getting used to the time zone change.

Day 2
Started the morning by heading to Chinatown which again was super clean, super quiet and full of delicious food. Grabbed some DimSum & Teh & Kopi @ Nanyang Old Coffee. Thought we should visit something else besides malls so got on the monorail to head to S.E.A. Aquarium on Sentosa Island. Except, the monorail was in of course … a mall. Sentosa Island was a lot of fun with colorful surroundings and tons of touristy things to do including the Merlion Walk.
Got the monorail back and picked up more Chinatown food stall snacks and souvenirs. Back on the MRT to the Helix Bridge based of the structure of DNA (nerd alert!) & Art Science Museum to see some dinosaurs. Gotta see dinosaurs!
Then headed to Marina Bay Sands and was jaw droppingly stunned! The rest of the night was filled with bad luck. We tried for the millionth time to find the hop on hop off bus without much luck. Then wanted to visit another hawker stall but Lau Pa Sat was closed. We sadly walked back to Marina Bay Sands and lost some money at the casino. At least we were able to buy ourselves some sour straws to feel better.

Day 3
Started the day off with a morning swim and realize how out of shape we are. Found a food court @ Bugis and got some goodies at Four Leaves and Ya Kun Kaya Toast. After so much walking around in terrible shoes, my feet were done. I got some rest at the hotel while Ju & Brian explored Little India and saw a closed Sri Veeramakaliamman Temple.
Then headed hack to Bugis Junction for some Korean food. Spent the night being utterly amazed by Gardens by the Bay. It honestly was other worldly and awe inspiringly impressive. We saw the Cloud Dome and Baobabs! I’m a sucker for the Little Prince. We could have spent all day here. Also caught an amazing light show at Art Science Museum projected on its outer façade and lost some more money at the casino.

Day 4
Woke up to catch a pretty ghetto bus to Malaysia. I even picked up some fish ball soup at a pit stop at which point I heard, “there are not enough antibiotics in the world for this!”. Good point. It wasn’t that great but I didn’t get sick, so I’ll count it as a win. Off to Malaysia!

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